Simeli in collaboration with Roy van Binsbergen of RVB Architecten has designed

the Simeli Clip.


The crocheted dress guards are attached in an aesthetic way to the fender by these clips.

The dress guards will fit your bike if the fender has a small edge on the inside and if the

bike has no rim brakes because there is only a hole to accommodate the lock.


Standard the dress guards will be deliverd with black clips.

Is part of the fender of your bike white, it is possible to order black and white clips.


Click on the basket with your favorite design

to order, and you will be asked to also

state the color clips you desire.


black clipsNo charges

black and white clips  € 2,50 extra              

colored or white clips€ 5,00 extra



Separate Clips - It is possible to order the clips separately.

You will receive:

* 36 black Simeli clips

* 2 resealable rings to attach the loops at the bottom of the dress guards

* 4 tie-wraps (2 extra) to attach the dress guards on the bike


Costs: € 12,50 per set

* excluding € 5,00 administration and shippingcosts (within Europe).

* excluding € 7,00 administration and shippingcosts (outside Europe).
Would you like to order 34 black clips + 6 white clips? Extra cost: € 2,50

Would you like to order 36 white or colored clips? Extra cost: € 5,00

Would you like to order an ergonomic crochet hook nr. 2 as well ? €3,80

Please send an email with your order and address to: