About Simeli


The love for crafts is with us in the family and I learned to crochet from my grandmother at an early age.

One day I was pleasantly surprised by my mother with handmade dress guards for my bicycle. I liked them so much that I started crocheting them for my daughters as well. They turned out to be cycling advertising girls because questions about how, where falling out of thin air.

Crocheted dress guards have been around for a long time and were attached by drilling holes in the mudguard. That could be done better and smarter and so I developed with a friend a smart non-rusting  clip. Then I designed several models and hooked and sold them and Simeli was born.

After the bike it was the wheelchair's turn. How nice it is to cheer up these necessary means of transport with spokeguards and to make them your own. The spoke guards are attached to an iron ring with Simeli clips so they can be easily disassembled for washing.

And if you'd like to crochet them yourself... I also offer the patterns with clips and fasteners of both dress guards and spoke guards.

Have (crochet) fun and be complimented !


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